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When searching for the right martial arts school, one must keep in mind  what you would like to gain from your practice or your child's practice.  You will find today's martial arts fall under these catagories: Sport, Fighting, and Lifestyle martial arts, or a combination of the three. This is why understanding what you want to gain from your training or your child's training is important so you don't find yourself or your child practicing a martial arts that does not fit your needs.  There is nothing wrong with any style of martial arts but education is key to find the right practice for you.




A sport martial arts school focuses on competition. These schools will train with their particular competition rules in mind, which may include weight classes, no striking to the head with hands, training to last long rounds, only focused on one opponent, and even training to pull strikes which is really like a game of tag.  When entering a martial arts school and you see a lot of trophies you can assume they are a sport art and one or maybe all their focus is on competition, but understand, competition is completely different than street self defense and will teach you bad habits when it comes to protecting youself in the street. While this style of martial arts will benefit a practitioner in many ways, it may not apply to real life self defense situations due to its limitations.




A fighting martial arts school focuses on the fight for competition or for  street self defense.  In a fighting school you will get concepts to protect yourself, and potentially get a good work out. However, fighting schools may do a beating on the body, therfore affecting the practitioners longevity in the art.  In our western society fighting martial arts may not be practical for the working person or student, and a fighter is much different then a martial artist.




A lifestyle martial art is not just about punching and kicking. A lifestyle martial arts school focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit, helping a student through a life time and does not end at black belt.  Lifestyle martial arts will teach you how to center yourself, develop control, focus, and discipline while teaching you confidience through practice of self defense.  It can be great for all ages, and can also be used for reabilitation, which will allow the student to practice their whole life.  Lifesyle martial arts is the more developed of the three and takes a dedicated practitioner.




There is a martial arts style for everyone, but educating yourself, and understanding what you are looking for will help you choose the right Martial art school.  We encourage you to search for what works for you.  At our school your first lesson is free to help you with your decision.  Call today to set up your first free lesson 707-712-3223.  


To Find out more about the style of martial arts we teach please click below. 

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