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Adult's Class

Discipline, focus, health, and self defense are just a few benefits of martial arts, and at School of Chinese Martial Arts we understand that everyone who trains at our school is training for their own reasons and we will help you reach and exceed your goals. Beginner to expert level of fitness or martial arts skill, our adult class will help take you to the next level of your fitness and martial arts goals.  You do not have to be in shape to start your training, we will get you to where you want to be fitness wise and reach the peace of mind that you can protect yourself and your family at the same time.


Self Defense


At School of Chinese Martial Arts, our self defense training comes first.  Everything being taught has worked somewhere for someone.  We have taken all the wasted motions out and developed a style of self defense that works for everyone in any situation.  In the street we understand there are no rules, weight classes, or just one on one all the time, so what our students need to learn are applications that will work for them under any circumstance.  Once you reach intermediate level you will be moving

 3 - 5 times faster and able to hit 3 - 5 times harder and once you reach black you will be 100% reactive and not have to think as you defend yourself.  These are minimum goals we set and through our practice you will achieve.


Great way to get in shape


Strengthening, developing endurance, and stamina are all a part of your practice at our school.  Our program will help you reach your fitness goals without the pressures a gym have.  You will enjoy your workouts here and see and feel the results.  You do not need any experience or be in shape to start.  Our program will keep you coming back and not bored with the same routine.  Build muscle, lose fat, and have fun doing it.


Individualized Training


We understand everyone decides to start martial arts for a lot of different reasons so we make sure that we teach and treat everyone as an individual.  If you want to get in shape, learn great self defense, rehabilitate/strengthen a part of your body, be a part of a martial arts family, or any other reason we will meet your need.  We offer group classes, and also private lessons to personalize your training with us.  When you come to train with us you are here for you, no one else, and we are here for you as well.




Enjoying your training is very important to your growth.  We understand that it is very hard to learn and come back to something that you are not enjoying, so we make sure that we create an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy and can not wait to come back and train the next day.  We guarantee that even after a long day at work you will never regret coming in to train.  Relieve the days stress and benefit from training in a family environment.




We invite you to experience a class.  Call today to set up your first free introductory lesson to see for yourself.  707-712-3223


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