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Street Self Defense Class

Do you know the difference between sport fighting and street self defense?

Very few martial arts schools teach their students the difference between training to fight in a sport arena (boxing, wrestling, mma), and training to defend yourself against a life altering attack in the street in your daily everyday life.  All sport or competitive fighting have rules, weight classes, one person verses one person, and both competitors know what they are getting into.  Competitive fighting needs rules so people dont get too badly hurt or worse die.  A lot of us enjoy watching these sports but most of us do not understand that this is much different then a street encounter.  In the street there are no rules, no weight classes, no referee there to stop the fight and the attacker may have a weapon.  The longer a street fight goes on the higher the percentage of you being badly hurt or worse.  There are no rules so you need to end this encounter as fast as possible.  

No belts, no rules, no nonsense

We offer classes that are designed for students that may not have the time it takes to dedicate to be a part of a full martial arts program, so we developed a class that will work with that in mind.  This class will teach our male and female students how to defend themselves against a life altering attack in their everyday life.  You will learn how to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger, faster attacker.  Knife defense, gun defense, multiple attacker defense and how to end the fight as fast as possible are all things taught in this class.  Due to Covid these classes are offered in a privet lesson session only.  Call today and schedule you first class. today.

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