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As a parent we always want the best for our children, such as discipline, focus, confidence, and other life skills that your child can acquire and carry with them into adulthood.  At our School of Chinese Martial Arts, we have devoted countless hours molding and developing our children's class to create the best program we can offer to our students. One of the great things about martial arts is that it is an individual growth activity, so your child will never sit the bench because they are not as good as the rest of the team.  We treat each child as an individual and understand that they all have different needs.  


Here at School of Chinese Martial Arts, we understand the need for life skills such as discipline and focus. We have developed a method of teaching these skills to your child in a fashion they will enjoy. Through drills and exercises, students will learn the importance of these skills and have fun learning and using them through their daily lives.  We will work with you as a team to help your child grow to their highest potential.


Self defense is key in a child's path of building confidence and self-esteem, but self defense is not just kicking and punching.  Your child may never be attacked by another child and we hope that is the case, but every child will be emotionally attacked.  So teaching children how to protect themselves against bullying physically and emotionally is key in our process of developing your child's confidence, and self-esteem are a big part of their self defense.  The techniques they will learn work and have been tested, but also help them develop the confidence to know that physically fighting is the last resort and conflict can be resolved without fighting.


Developing a child's understanding of goal setting and achievement is vital in their growth as well. Students quickly learn that everything is earned at our school and nothing will be given to them without the hard work they put into it.  At some schools belts are awarded even if the students are not ready. We believe that creates a false sense of confidence and security that the child has achieved a level of skill that they may not have. At our school, we know the importance of our children understanding that everything is earned and worked for just like in the real world so we make sure they understand that they must put in the work to achieve their goal.


We welcome you and your child to come and receive your first introductory class free. We understand that you and your child are going to invest a lot of your time training so we advise that you visit and come see for yourself.  We also offer family programs that make it great for the whole family to join, which brings the family together and grow as a team.


Schedule your first free introductory lesson today by clicking below.

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